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The fame of Macarena chamomile in the first half of the 20th century has transcended the commercial to become an iconic object. So much so, that a copy of its initial label, based on a sketch by Carlos Vázquez, is exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid.Macarena is an Andalusian woman with an attractive look wrapped in a Manila shawl and wearing a Cordovan hat.
Macarena is an elegant, fresh and light manzanilla. Pale yellow in color. Delicate and very subtle on the nose, with aromas reminiscent of sea breeze. Dry, light and sharp on the palate, with a marked saline character.

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“We want to learn to ask forgiveness from the victims and society, for the abuses, for the culture of silence, for not facing the facts directly and cleanly. We want to keep in mind the people who suffer this wound and try not to redouble their pain,” said the Jesuit. “We want to promote a culture of good treatment, so that this does not happen again.
As far as abuse of adults is concerned, 31 Jesuits were accused of this type of abuse, of which four cases (12%) involved more than one victim, and 27 (88%) involved one accusation. In addition, 19 rumors have been collected for which it has not been possible to find concrete information that would allow a denunciation to materialize. On the other hand, 15 Jesuits were accused and exonerated.
“It was not us who brought up these cases, it was the abused persons who confronted us with this evil and we must thank them for their courage in taking this step,” acknowledged the Jesuit Education Delegate, Antonio Allende. “The answer we want to give them with this appearance is that we believe in what they say. We do not want to put the focus on the defense of the institution, but on reparation, truth and justice for the victims,” he stressed.

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About a hundred people from different security and technical corps guaranteed the public safety in the summit area during the snow alert of this weekend, which, although it required the emergency services, ended without serious incidents.
The chief of emergencies of Gran Canaria, Federico Grillo, has indicated in a press conference, that the snow alert was activated on Thursday in view of the warning for rain, wind, hail and snow at an altitude of 1,400 meters.
In the device involved security groups, the Civil Guard traffic and public safety, local police from various municipalities, agents of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and technical Environment, effective Dam, the Consortium of Gran Canaria, Civil Protection, Red Cross health group, restoration of essential services and Roads and Works, as well as coordination groups Cecopin, Consortium, Advanced Command Post, among others.
People should be aware that “it is not an hour of traffic, snow and return, but it can take 2 or 3 hours to arrive and another 2 or 3 hours to return due to traffic jams on the road” and for this reason they should be prepared.

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The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 is a three-dimensional action RPG whose combat takes place in present time and from a zenithal perspective. Its first installment, also developed by Nippon Ichi Software, was released on PlayStation 3 to later launch a remastered version on PlayStation 4, with a fun title and whose mechanics worked quite well despite having some shortcomings, being the title that concerns us very conservative, for better and for worse.
One fateful day, Milm suddenly disappears. Amalie desperately searches for her everywhere and, when all hope seemed lost, Milm returns to town covered in dust, with a Mana Flower as a gift for her sister that she had gone out to find and a mark on her forehead that, without a doubt, turns out to be the Witch’s Disease. When Milm becomes a witch who calls herself Chelka, problems begin, especially because her sister, Amalie, is dedicated to hunting them down.
It is worth remembering that our character uses GigaCalories, a source of energy that, if depleted, leaves him weakened at the mercy of his rivals. Therefore, we always have to be aware of recharging them using objects and, as a novelty, devouring enemies after performing a combo of five attacks that in turn recharges Adrenaline Points to use skills.

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